Final Exam Review: College Algebra (76 Lessons) covers the following:

A note to the student in preparing for exams; Quadratic, Polynomial , Nonlinear and Radical Equations; Sets, Relations, Functions; Excluded Values, Domain and Range; One-one Functions,Composite Functions; Inverse Functions; Linear Equations; Intercepts; Slopes;Perpendicular and Parallel Lines; Midpoint; Distance Formula; Variation; Set Operations; Interval Notation ; Linear Inequalities; Compound Inequalities; Absolute Value Equations and Quadratic Inequalities; Factored Inequalities; Graphs Involving Absolute Values; Greatest Integer Function; Step Function; Unit Step Function; Sign Function; Positive, Negative,Increasing, and Decreasing Functions ; Critical Points; Reflection of Points, Lines and Curves; Translation of Functions ; Contraction and Expansion of Curves; Symmetry; Even and Odd Functions: Graphs of Polynomial Functions; Rational Functions: Continuous and Discontinuous Functions; Asymptotes; Rational Functions; Logarithms; Exponential and Logarithmic Equations; Graphs of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions; System of Linear Equations; Matrix and Matrix Methods; Determinants; Complex Numbers and Operations; Polar Form of Complex Numbers; De Moivre's Theorem; Roots of Complex Numbers ; Graphing Polar Coordinates and Equations; Conic Sections; Circles, Parabolas; Ellipses;Hyperbolas; Synthetic Division; Remainder and Factor Theorems; Descartes' Rules;Rational Roots;; Partial Fractions; Sequences and Series; Summation Notation; Sequences and Series; Factorial Notation; Binomial Theorem; Permutations and Combinations; Mathematical Induction.

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